Latest Podcasts! Cybercrime Stories Told from an Investigative Journalist's POV:
Part I (20 minutes): How hackers and cybercops formed my career.
Part II: The tough jobs of CISO's and how twenty-five years of research in the hacking and cybersecurity communities led me to pen my cyber thriller book, "Breaking Backbones".
    Latest Articles:
How to ensure that CISO job you're looking at passes the sniff test. CSO Online, March 2, 2021

Privacy, data protection regulations clamp down on biometrics use. CSO Online, December 15, 2020

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Deb Radcliff's Series on Protecting Our Cyber Warriors:

Protecting the Mental Health of Cyber Warriors
Oct. 30, 2019

The Dark Side of Threat Research
November 12 2019

When Investigations Go South — Final in the series, this one focused on legal liability
Dec. 3, 2019

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