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Top Three COVID-Related Risks
March 31, 2020

Humans and Technology: An Insecure Mix
March 19, 2020

RSA: The Human Element
February 28, 2020

Turning Out the Lights on Ransomware
Target-specific ransomware can now impact the basic systems that support our daily lives.
February 13, 2020


Deb Radcliff's Series on Protecting Our Cyber Warriors:

Protecting the Mental Health of Cyber Warriors
October 30, 2019

The Dark Side of Threat Research
November 12, 2019

When Investigations Go South
— Final in the series, this one focused on legal liability
December 3, 2019

In Depth: Who should be responsible for financial fraud?
Improvements in payment protections are shifting the liability for fraud to the least-secure party.
CSO print, November, 2013; CSO online February, 2014
  Suspect Everything
Advanced threats in the network.
SC Magazine, April, 2013
Delayed Reaction
Despite the ubiquity of the Trusted Platform Module, holdups exist and adoption remains slow.
SC Magazine, February, 2013
  Waking the sleeping giant: Critical infrastructure
Stuxnet was a game changer, but control systems that run the nation's infrastructure are still at risk.
SC Magazine, November, 2012
Cyber Cold War: Espionage and Warfare
In a historic turn, the U.S. government is asking for help in fighting an increasingly sophisticated cyber enemy.
SC Magazine, September, 2012
  Code surety: Secure by design
Total security of applications is probably a pipe dream. However, starting a secure design framework today will markedly improve applications in the future.
SC Magazine, March, 2012
Cyber beacons: The challenges of new technologies
Information isn't just leaking, it's being broadcast over Web 2.0 mediums
SC Magazine, February, 2012
  Safe development: Safeguarding web applications
To secure web applications, makers must take ownership of their lifecycle management.
SC Magazine, November, 2011
Breaking the next case
Ever-evolving strategies and technologies are just some of the issues facing today's cybercrime investigator.
SC Magazine, September, 2011
  Federation 2.0: An identity ecosystem
Federated identity, the process of authenticating someone across multiple IT systems and organizations, is taking on new meaning with the growth of cloud and mobile.
SC Magazine, July, 2011
Safety in the cloud: Cloud-based services
With more organizations hesitant to entrust their sensitive data to the cloud and a handful of high-profile breaches, providers are augmenting their protections capabilities.
SC Magazine, June, 2011
  Embrace change:
How security translates to business.
SC Magazine, May, 2011
Feeding frenzy: M&A activity in IT security
With an improving economy, security companies are being scooped up by larger firms at a brisk pace.
SC Magazine, March, 2011
  Cybercrime: Narrowing the gap
The $1 trillion cybercrime industry is expertly - and competitively - run. Take a peek into the inner workings of these syndicates, and learn how enforcement is closing in on cybercrime gangs.
SC Magazine, February, 2011
Cyberthreats: A long haul
Enterprises are under constant seige from cyberthreats that continue to evolve to new levels of sophistication.
SC Magazine, December, 2010
  Good & evil: Deep packet inspection
Has the time come to take retaliatory action against digital attacks? And if so, where is the line drawn?
SC Magazine, October, 2010
Investigating cybercrime
The real-life tales of how authorities hunted down some of the nation's most dangerous digital crooks.
SC Magazine, September, 2010
  Anti-hack: Retaliatory action against digital attacks
Has the time come to take retaliatory action against digital attacks? And if so, where is the line drawn?
SC Magazine, July, 2010
E-health records: Embracing privacy
There are strategies to cope with customer expectations of privacy when there are no boundaries around their data.
SC Magazine, June, 2010
  Nurturing CSO Careers
Where do C-level security careers lead to and how do you maintain them?
SC Magazine, May, 2010
Global village
Testing competitions can improve code, but crowdsourcing brings new concerns to security governance.
SC Magazine, March, 2010
  Cloud shift: Weighing the risks and benefits of a new technology
Can security be better in the cloud? Experts believe it can.
SC Magazine, January, 2010
Electronic Payments: Hurricane Gonzalez
Despite the prosecution of hacker Albert Gonzalez, more needs to be done to secure credit card transactions.
SC Magazine, December, 2009
  What's old is new again
Today, criminals are using amped-up techniques to tap into a perpetual cycle of fraud and identity theft.
SC Magazine, November, 2009
Zero Tolerance for Bugs
Static analysis provides a through examination of code, allowing testers to see problems and descriptions of their impact on security.
SD Times, August, 2008
  Targeting browsers
Web browsers of every brand and flavor are falling victim to financially motivated attacks.
SC Magazine, August, 2009
The cybercriminal underground: Commercial sophistication
Malware builds across an underground infrastructure that rivals any legitimate form of commerce.
SC Magazine, April, 2009
  Database security: Protecting the crown jewels
Universities, banks, SMBs and large brands alike are waking up to the fact that their databases are no longer safe ...
SC Magazine, February, 2009
Security Capital: Funding & Innovation
The pool of venture capital for IT security is dwindling, but spending for security is rising. This created opportunities.
SC Magazine, February, 2009
  Head in the Clouds
The latest craze in cloud computing shows great promise, but it is introducing a host of new security issues.
SC Magazine, November, 2008
Data Classification 101
The foundation of data-centric protection is knowing what data needs what level of protection.
StateTech Magazine, October, 2008
  Information and Network Protection: Finding the right mix
How to secure critical and regulated data when network defenses aren't enough.
Networkworld, October 9, 2008
Portrait of a hacker
The underground network of criminally-oriented hackers and cyber profiteers are under more pressure from law enforcement.
SC Magazine, September 26, 2008
  Slurping the USB Port
Portable media devices are being used to lift corporate data.
SC Magazine, September, 2008
The Life and Death of a Virtual Machine
If IT managers aren't careful, the failure to manage virtual machines throughout their life cycles could erase virtualization's benefits.
Networkworld, August, 2008
  A Fine Line
Institutions of higher learning encourage openness on their networks, but find they must impose controls.
SC Magazine, August, 2008
How to root out Rootkits
Find out how and where they hide, what they're hiding, and how you can (and can't) stop them.
Networkworld, August, 2008

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