Bugs gone bad

A wide variety of bugs can cause problems for your system. Here is a list of types of bugs and exploits that companies should keep an eye out for.
SD Times, Aug, 2008

Fall In Line

Radcliff looks at how the retail sector is faring with PCI DSS.
April, 2008, SC Magazine

New security threats from every which way

As virtualization, SOA and mobility projects proliferate and converge, they open the enterprise to a rash of troublesome network security problems.
March, 2008, Networkworld

Health care update

Health care organizations must shake off their HIPAA-induced paralysis and get technical.
March, 2008, SC Magazine

Firmware: Hacking the Chip

Imagine the day when rootkits, backdoors and other hacker toolkits hide not inside the system software, but in the highly programmable firmware proliferating across the hardware components supporting our information systems.
Feb. 8, 2008, SC Magazine

E-voting Systems

Radcliff interviews Rush Holt, D-NJ, on his legislation to protect elections in light of scandalously insecure e-voting systems.
Feb. 4, 2008, Computerworld

Brace Yourself for a Data Breach

It's not a question of whether this will happen to your organization, but of when. Be ready to react.
StateTech Magazine, January, 2008

Computer Forensics Faces Private Eye Competition

Who has the right to probe digital crime? That very question may be the next battleground between the flatfooted private detective of old and the new-age computer sleuth.
Jan. 2, 2008

Is FISMA working?

Even as the ink dries on NIST's guidelines for assessment, management frameworks, security controls and mapping/categorization of information systems to security, NIST has already begun Phase II - a Common Criteria-like certification program for assessment and credentialing vendors.
Nov. 1, 2007

Virtualization security needed - now!

Experts say it's only a matter of time before malware writers weasel their way into the core of a virtual server platform. Here's how to stop them.
Aug. 20, 2007

Developers of Web 2.0 apps must build in security from the start

Web 2.0 is not a specific set of technologies and it's not well-defined, but it amounts to an increased share of data between the client browser and the service side application.
Apr. 2007

When World of Warcraft spreads to your world

How enterprise networks can take collateral damage.
Apr. 2007

ID Card Help

Pentagon Taps Contractors for ID Card Help CSO.
Jun. 2007

Inside the X-Force

On the front lines in the global war on cybercrime with the vulnerability threat team from ISS Network World.
Feb. 2, 2007

Deb Radcliff with 8 Tips to Keep Data Safe:

From around the globe to around the block, here's help securing your systems.
fedtechmagazine.com | Feb, 2007

The Surprising Security Threat: Your Printers.

Radcliff on how networked printers can open your corporate network to malicious attacks and how you need to patch them.
Computerworld | Jan. 15, 2007

Crypto Vision: defensesystems.com

Beyond its digital eavesdropping and code-cracking efforts, NSA has another long-term objective: keeping DOD, and even civilian, data riding along on public networks safe from prying eyes.
Dec. 2006

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