The sound of gunfire spurs her on as Cy programs furiously into her wrist device. She is crouched behind a cinderblock enclosure normally used for GlobeCom waste recycle. Bullets ricochet off the cinder walls in little puffs of dust all around her. All the while, a drone war plays out above.

As Cy prepares to execute her code, her fighters are throwing everything they’ve got at the GlobeCom drones—modified semi-automatics, hot lasers, drone signal scramblers, and their own home-built fighting drones. Their drones are woefully outnumbered.

This is Operation Backbone, a hacker war seventeen years in the making.

Information is power, as the hackers say. In a system ripe for abuse, GlobeCom has taken over most of the world’s data, and now controls the global population through human chip implants called unique identifiers. At this moment, dozens of hacker strike teams around the world are attempting to relieve GlobeCom of its iron grip on humanity through a global, coordinated attack.


What People Are Saying About Breaking Backbones: Information is Power

"Breaking Backbones is an up-all-night page turner told by an insider."

"Deb Radcliff knows how to write a riveting cyber-spy thriller that reads like a high-speed car chase through the intersection of the real world and cyberspace."

"I look forward to the rest of the trilogy, and maybe if we are lucky, a TV mini-series. I plan to keep this book safely with my first edition of Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October. So please don't ask me to let you borrow my copy."