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Deb Radcliff has been covering the cybercrime beat since 1996 after researching a best-selling book about Kevin Mitnick, an infamous hacker on the run from the FBI. She has since written thousands of articles about cybercrime and cybersecurity for business, tech, and consumer magazines. She started her popular Online Crime Bytes blog in 2000 to post to a non-technical audience about cybercrime and continues to post to that blog today. For a history of Deb’s articles, visit the archives.

Currently, Radcliff hosts the Cy Beat Podcast with ITSP Magazine, where she personalizes the hackers and infosec professionals who she’s immersed with over the past thirty years. Find her most recent interviews here.

She is the editor-in-chief of Shift Left Academy, where she conducts interviews with experts in secure software development. These articles are syndicated at Security Boulevard and at the Shift Left Academy YouTube Channel.

Radcliff also still vents about cybercrime in her Online Crime Bytes Blog. Year over year, her most read blog is about the cash forwarding scam, in which sellers and job seekers are offered money and then asked to send some back (they lose it all).

Radcliff is a regular contributing writer to CSO Online.

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