“The drones are nearly out of battery power,” Malina says finally. “Time to call it.”

Then to her team, Malina issues the order over the comm line. “Control to ground team. It’s time to pull back and reconvene at Orly.”

Cy doesn’t feel that they should abandon the search just yet, so she looks at Elven and gets an idea. “Elven, did Bilbo tell Michael anything about who’s in charge at the estate when Stonces is gone? Did he tell you who is Stonces’s first in command?” she asks.

“No, I don’t think so,” Elven says, thinking.

“I know him,” Malina interjects. “His name is Geoffrey …”

“OK. I can work with that,” Cy responds a little too quickly.

Without warning, she grabs her walking stick and starts up the road toward the winery’s main gate.

“Wait. Where are you going?” d_ArkAngl calls after her.

“I’m going to find Geoffrey,” Cy answers. “If anybody can help us, he can.”


What People Are Saying About Breaking Backbones: Information Should be Free

"The second book of this futuristic hacker series does not disappoint. Picking up the velocity of the first with similar page-turning speed, Cy and her band of off-grid do-gooders face a decision to enable freedom of information fraught with layers of dilemma. The ending will leave you desperately awaiting the next installment.”

“This book is so close to the truth happening today in our world; it's scary close to what is currently going on with our government and other countries.”

“This can be read independent of the first volume, and is a sizzler taken directly from today's cybersecurity news.”