"The general feels he can also trust you," he says as his expression softens. "That is why I regret to inform you that he's in ICU at Walter Reed."

Cy gasps. "What?" she asks loudly.

"It's his heart. His pacemaker failed, but paramedics managed to restart it. Thankfully, they got to him in time."

"When?" Cy asks.

"At zero six hundred this morning, right in his office next door. He'd come in early for our briefing with Jacob Michaels and his team."

"You could have told me this hours ago! Why didn't you tell me? Will he be all right?" she stammers.

"He's recovering now, but they say they want to keep him in a controlled coma for a while longer to give his body more time to recover."

Cy slumps into the chair next to Allure, who puts a comforting arm around her shoulder and whispers into her ear, "Must be six feet away to have the channel to the heart implant. And even that would have to be perfectly timed.


What People Are Saying About Breaking Backbones: From Chaos to Order

“The final book of the trilogy is by far the best. Weaving together several of the storylines from the first two books, we learn more about the band of off-grid survivalists and their efforts to counter GlobeCom’s former chairman, Damian Strandeski. Can Telos, the artificial intelligence more powerful than GlobeCom was, help? Or will it be overpowered by an even greater force?”

“A thrilling and exciting tale of romance and international intrigue set against the backdrop of the global struggle for power in the new age that is being ushered in by the artificial intelligence: Telos.”