Deb Radcliff is an award-winning journalist and author of the popular Breaking Backbones hacker trilogy. She made cybercrime her beat starting in 1996 after she finished conducting research for Jon Littman’s best-selling book, “The Fugitive Game,” about infamous hacker, Kevin Mitnick. In the early days, there were no cybercops, so Radcliff embedded with gray and white hat hackers and cyber vigilantes who were trying to warn the world of what was coming.

When her first article, Barbarians at the Firewall, published in Byte Magazine in 1996, the new FBI cybercrime unit asked to use it for training purposes. She’s spoken on national radio, hacker conferences, and at West Point (her crowning career moment), as well as many podcasts and virtual events.

In 2005, she stood up an analyst program for SANS Institute which she directed until returning to her independent analyst roots in 2020. Her cyber thriller series emulates the many characters she’s met in her career while also informing the world about the dangers and overreach of technology. Her books are available at Amazon and all major book outlets.

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