Keep an eye out for Book II, Information Should be Free, to publish late 2021.

Book III, Out of Chaos Comes Order, will publish in spring of 2022.

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A hacker war 17 years in the making erupts after GlobeCom takes over the world through human chip implants...

Breaking Backbones Book 1 (Excerpt): Information is Power

The sound of gunfire spurs her on. Cy is crouched behind a five-foot cinderblock wall enclosure behind GlobeCom programming furiously into her wrist device while trying to keep her head down. Bullets ricochet off the cement walls, taking dusty chunks out as they hit, while a drone war plays out in the sky above.

This is Operation Backbone.

With the cooperation of seasoned hackers from around the world, freedom forces are hitting the GlobeCom network and its 24 worldwide data centers used to control every human on the planet. Sadly, most of the chipped population won't see it that way. Because of convenience, people accepted the chips, and out of fear, they have blindly turned an eye to the missing, the destroyed, the disenfranchised who've crossed certain members of the GlobeCom board.

Information is power, as the hackers say. And, for now, almost all that power lies in the networks and data systems owned by GlobeCom. Humans who wanted to be part of the system had to accept the chip—the Unique Identifier as defined by Davos in Switzerland. Eventually participation became mandatory...

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Cybercrime reporting was my beat for 25 + years. In this video, I explain how those experiences translated into my cyberthriller, Breaking Backbones: Information is Power (only 14 mins)
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