Hackers Doing Good

Follow Cy and her hacking clan as they help break GlobeCom’s network backbones after it’s taken over the world through human chip implants (book 1). Then they get ahold of a powerful AI named Telos that they use to out the criminals behind GlobeCom and its dark web syndicates, while simultaneously allocating their illegal gains to worthy causes (books two and three). This makes them targets, and Cy must protect her family and clans from crime lords, spies and government agents who want Telos for themselves.

— Book I —

Cy has gone off-grid to lead a band of hackers in a global attack against GlobeCom, which has taken over the world through human chip implants

— Book II —

Cy must rescue her 19-year-old son who is in the clutches of Damian Strandeski, former chairman of the GlobeCom board and kingpin behind dark web criminal syndicates.

— Book III —

In this exciting conclusion, Cy and Ying and are locked in a lover’s triangle while their governments try to exploit them for access to Telos, a powerful new Artificial Intelligence that Cy and her clan are using to equalize society while Ying is using to find her husband who’s supposed to be dead, but who’s actually alive—and with another woman.

Praise for Book One: Information is Power

"Deb Radcliff knows how to write a riveting cyber-spy thriller that reads like a high-speed car chase through the intersection of the real world and cyberspace."
"Breaking Backbones is an up-all-night page turner told by an insider."

Praise for Book Two: Information Should be Free

"The second book of this futuristic hacker series does not disappoint. Picking up the velocity of the first with similar page-turning speed, Cy and her band of off-grid do-gooders face a decision to enable freedom of information fraught with layers of dilemma. The ending will leave you desperately awaiting the next installment.”
“This can be read independent of the first volume, and is a sizzler taken directly from today's cybersecurity news.”

Praise for Book Three: From Chaos to Order

“You won’t put this book down once you start reading it, and you’ll be astonished by the new revelations. You’ll also wish that this was not the end of the story. Or is it?”
“This riveting story is a worthy conclusion for the brilliant and imaginative Breaking Backbones trilogy. From Chaos to Order satisfies the reader by carrying forward the characters we have fallen in love with, bringing the series to a powerful conclusion."