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Highlights from 2011

  • Safe development: Safeguarding web applications; To secure web applications, makers must take ownership of their lifecycle management. – SC Magazine, November 2011
  • Breaking the next case; Ever-evolving strategies and technologies are just some of the issues facing today's cybercrime investigator. – SC Magazine, September 2011
  • Federation 2.0: An identity ecosystem; Federated identity, the process of authenticating someone across multiple IT systems and organizations, is taking on new meaning with the growth of cloud and mobile. – SC Magazine, July 2011
  • Safety in the cloud: Cloud-based services; With more organizations hesitant to entrust their sensitive data to the cloud and a handful of high-profile breaches, providers are augmenting their protections capabilities. – SC Magazine, June 2011
  • Embrace change; How security translates to business. – SC Magazine, May 2011
  • Feeding frenzy: M&A activity in IT security; With an improving economy, security companies are being scooped up by larger firms at a brisk pace. – SC Magazine, March 2011
  • Cybercrime: Narrowing the gap; The $1 trillion cybercrime industry is expertly - and competitively - run. Take a peek into the inner workings of these syndicates, and learn how enforcement is closing in on cybercrime gangs. – SC Magazine, February 2011

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Highlights from 2008

  • Head in the Clouds; The latest craze in cloud computing shows great promise, but it isintroducing a host of new security issues. – SC Magazine, November, 2008
  • Data Classification 101; The foundation of data-centric protection is knowing what data needs what level of protection. – StateTech Magazine, October 2008
  • Information and Network Protection: Finding the right mix; How to secure critical and regulated data when network defenses aren't enough. – Networkworld, October 9, 2008
  • Portrait of a hacker; The underground network of criminally-oriented hackers and cyber profiteers are under more pressure from law enforcement. – SC Magazine, September 26, 2008
  • Slurping the USB Port; Portable media devices are being used to lift corporate data. – SC Magazine, September 2008
  • The Life and Death of a Virtual Machine; If IT managers aren't careful, the failure to manage virtual machines throughout their life cycles could erase virtualization's benefits. – Networkworld, August 2008
  • A Fine Line; Institutions of higher learning encourage openness on their networks, but find they must impose controls. – SC Magazine, August 2008
  • How to root out Rootkits; Find out how and where they hide, what they're hiding, and how you can (and can't) stop them. – Networkworld, August 2008
  • Bugs gone bad; A wide variety of bugs can cause problems for your system. Here is a list of types of bugs and exploits that companies should keep an eye out for.; – SD Times, August 2008
  • Fall In Line; Radcliff looks at how the retail sector is faring with PCI DSS. – SC Magazine, April 2008
  • New security threats from every which way; As virtualization, SOA and mobility projects proliferate and converge, they open the enterprise to a rash of troublesome network security problems. – Networkworld, March 2008
  • Health care update; Health care organizations must shake off their HIPAA-induced paralysis and get technical. – SC Magazine, March 2008
  • Firmware: Hacking the Chip; Imagine the day when rootkits, backdoors and other hacker toolkits hide not inside the system software, but in the highly programmable firmware proliferating across the hardware components supporting our information systems. – SC Magazine, February 8, 2008
  • E-voting Systems; Radcliff interviews Rush Holt, D-NJ, on his legislation to protect elections in light of scandalously insecure e-voting systems. – Computerworld, February 4, 2008
  • Brace Yourself for a Data Breach; It's not a question of whether this will happen to your organization, but of when. Be ready to react. – StateTech Magazine, January 2008
  • Computer Forensics Faces Private Eye Competition; Who has the right to probe digital crime? That very question may be the next battleground between the flatfooted private detective of old and the new-age computer sleuth. – Baseline Mag, January 2, 2008

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