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From SANS: Deb Radcliff's Series on Protecting Our Cyber Warriors:

Highlights from 2022

  • Deb's Framework for evaluating Cybersecurity Vendors; There are no real frameworks for evaluating cybersecurity vendors, so Deb worked with experts to help frame one. – CSO Online, November 2022
  • Why CISO roles require business and technology savvy; Listening and communicating to both the technical and business sides is critical to successfully leading IT teams and business leaders to the same end-goal. – CSO Online, October 2022
  • 5 ways to unite security and compliance; Which comes first, security or compliance? In an ideal world, they work together seamlessly. Here's how to achieve that. – CSO Online, August 2022
  • How the US DHS develops hard-to-find cybersecurity skills; The Department of Homeland Security's Amanda Conley tells how she finds and uplevels specialized and expensive cybersecurity talent on a government budget. – CSO Online, July 2022
  • How a new generation of IoT botnets is amplifying DDoS attacks; IoT botnets are not new. Nor are DDoS attacks. But the two are on a trajectory that is raising the stakes in DDoS protection and bot takeover prevention. – CSO Online, April 2022
  • LookLeft: Cybercrime Stories Told from an Investigative Journalist's POV:
    • Part one (20 minutes): How hackers and cybercops formed my career. 
    • Part two: The tough jobs of CISO's and how twenty-five years of research in the hacking and cybersecurity communities led me to pen my cyber thriller series.

Highlights from 2021

Highlights from 2020

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